World Cup Edition

posted on April 5th, 2006 by Anthony

UKfpl mascot Jake, supporting England!

World Cup

Some of you may be aware that for the last few years I’ve been involved in the running of a Football Prediction game.

When I say involved, what I mean is that I draw a few pictures, do the bulk of the design, contribute some ideas and write a weekly rambling mailshot to our subscribers.

We’ve been going for about five years, with a bit of success (well five years is a success in itself). But in that five years I’ve never been really happy with the way it looks. The design has has always fallen foul of the NET Problem.

However, around 6 months ago we decided to do things right this time. I’ve been fiddling around with a design for a good few months, Richy has been hard at work on the back end of things and we’ve worked closer together to put our ideas into action.

So with the World Cup looming here is the first step on the way to a new UKfpl.

I can proudly introduce a glimpse at the UKfpl World Cup Edition 2006!

We’re all going to Ger-ma-ny

Simply the game itself lets you predict the scores on all of the games in the world cup. We award you points based on the accuracy of the predictions you give us. The more points you score, the higher up the table you go.

Dead simple.

We also let you set up ‘Sub Leagues’. These are great for office based tournaments and the like. Instead of tracking your mates colleagues through the masses in the main tables you can quickly look up all the members in your own private league!

Best of all – it’s totally, completely free!

So head on over and register. Then tell your friends. The sign them up into your Sub League!

(While you’re there bare in mind we are still running in a bit of pre-release state. I’ve decided to let my loyal readers have a look around a little early. Imagine that the site still has a few bits of scaffolding and gaffer tape lying around – Things will improve!)

Quick Design Notes

The World Cup Edition header

So this is the shape of things to come for UKfpl – though the festive orange and yellow will be replaced with the ‘corporate’ greens come the new English season!

When designing the new look I decide early on to make things as modular as possible. Along with extras like the World Cup game we have some other ideas were branding of the site will be very useful.

Therefore I went for a fixed width design that should grease the wheels of change further down. Each of the elements on the site is fairly easily swapped out with just a few changes to the styles, and a quick lick of paint in Fireworks.

The Soccer AM and Football Manager Logos

The design probably takes cues from two of the best footballing entertainers – Soccer AM and Football Manager. It’s basically lots of round shapes overlapping for no apparent reason. It’s a look I’ve had in my head for a while, and although it’s hardly ground breaking, it does the job nicely.

The Fireworks version of the scoreboard navigation

To give the design a more football centric feel I went with an old school scoreboard to give the site its main navigation. It’s not perhaps the most accessible design, but from a purely aesthetic view, I like it.

Overall the look is a huge leap forward from the past. You clearly see that I’ve been able to give the site something approaching the time it deserves.

Of course it’s not perfect and I’d love to have done much more, and it definitely still needs quite a bit of tweaking, but overall I’m fairly happy.

There is, after all, still a lot of scope for tinkering!

In the mean time feel free to dig in!