World Cup Shirts 2014: Group C

posted on June 6th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

The outsiders gather in Group C. There might not be too much flair on the pitch, or even that much in their shirts. I’m sure there’s something to be salvages somwhere though. Maybe.



Colombia Home

I’m not sure what Adidas have done with their designers. I think there must have been a few lay offs because nearly all of their shirts seem to based on templates and designs from 4 years ago.

This is another. It’s not really good enough for the World Cup. They should be upping their games, not recycling tired ideas that weren’t that great in the first place.

This is yellow. Not even the right yellow for Colombia. I’m not sure what that black panel is about.

Yeah, rubbish.


Colombia Away Kit

It’s seriously not worth commenting about this is it? It’s like a shirt from the Sunday League team catalogue.

Better than Spain’s mind.



Greece Home

Greece haven’t got much money. We all know that. But Nike have obviously taken pity on them.

OK it’s pretty much an off-the-shelf shirt with a (nice) Greece badge ironed on – but it’s a very nice off-the-shelf shirt.

There’s some nice details in there.

OK it’s probably the most tennisy of the lot – Roger Federer could rock up to Wimbledon with it under his blazer and no one would bat an eyelid. I like it because of that.


Greece Away

Yeah OK, dead lazy that. But there are reasons. And it’s still better than most of Adidas’ efforts.

At the end of the day it’s a nice shirt. They’re both quality, and with seemingly minimal outlay other than ironing a few transfers on to a fairly stock shirt. Everyone’s a winner.

Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast Home

I’m glad to see that Puma can be talked down from their ethno-African design stylings. Here their penchant for fussy detail has been confined to a subtle shoulder panel weave.

I like the pastel orange. The Cote D’Ivoire badge is glorious, you can’t fail with a elephant. Well unless you’re Coventry.

It’s a perfectly decent shirt that has a contemporary feel. And a great elephant.


Ivory Coast Away

I do wish the manufacturers would take the opportunity to cut loose with the away shirt a bit more. (It’s enough to make you pine for some Warrior designs). I know it costs money and stuff … but you could have had a massive elephant on there or something.

It’s all about the elephants.



Japan Home
Seriously Adidas?


OK, sorry. Let me go and sit down in a quite corner for second …

But they really only seem to have one shirt, and a limited set of felt tips.

And in this case a random extra flag.

And a bit of a crap shiny weave thing in case you missed the badge.

There is a special Pikachu version of the shirt


… which helps a bit. And then there are the socks …

Japan Home Kit Socks
Oh hold on! They made a mistake on the back of the shirts left it on.
Those crazy kids.


Japan Away

Am I being too harsh? Is it just me? These Adidas efforts are really, really bad aren’t they? Do they realise this is a World Cup?

Even the OH MY GOD ILLUMINOUS can’t save this one can it?


Poor group this, it has to be said. When a couple of plain tennis shirts for the cash strapped Greeks are the stand out shirts you have to worry.

Can’t take it away from the elephants either.

But Adidas? Seriously guys?

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