World Cup Shirts 2014: Group D

posted on June 10th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

England, Oh England. Let’s not focus on them and the Hodge. It won’t do anyone any good. Let’s just look at the shirts eh?



Uruguay Home
Puma wheeling out their template again. It works though, quietly understated, with a hint of class. I like the little stripy detail on the sleeve, and the gold flashes work really well, even with the silly strips up the side.

Collars a bit odd though.

Overall it’s a solid effort.


Uruguay Away
It really isn’t a world cup for away kits this is it? Basically a boring reversal of the home. Again. Meh.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica Home
Oh hello, a different manufacturer. Blast from the past Lotto at that.

It’s got mad bit and bobs happening all over the place. Aertex panels, swooshes, gold thread, crazy collar.

It’s different at least. I’m not sure it’s any good, but it’s different. So far, in this World Cup, different actually counts for a lot.


Costa Rica Away
See previous comment about most away shirts so far. Yawn.



England Home
Despite my comparative indifference to England, not helped by the man in charge, I still care very much about the shirt they wear.

Over the last few years Umbro really upped the game for the England shirt, and in doing so gave the whole area a much needed kick up the arse.

Nike nicked the contract off them though, and this is their first proper shirt. (I’ll ignore their first rush job). It’s not too bad, the subtle pin stripes are a neat touch that remind me of the 86 shirt, the blue contrast in the badge and logo work well (it looks great with the lighter blue shorts too).

There’s even a bespoke typeface designed by Neville Brody for it.

Brody England Font

The collar lets it down badly though.

Overall there’s not much to dislike, but I just can’t warm to it like I did with a lot of Umbro’s work. There’s just something missing.


England Away
Well it’s not a boring reversal, but there’s not a lot to say about it either.

I’ve talked about it before in other posts, creating a simple, minimal, effective football shirt is very difficult. There’s a really fine balance between something that looks like the design team couldn’t bothered, and something that looks like beautifully crafted excellence.

This shirt actually goes past that line and into the ‘not sure when to walk away’ end of the spectrum. I don’t like the subliminal St George’s cross, it doesn’t do anything. It’s not bold enough.

Again I don’t hate it … but I don’t exactly love it either.



Italy Home
There’s something not quite right about the Italians having their shirts designed by Germans. Maybe it’s the stereotypical efficiency of Puma’s insistence on seemingly using that template for all the shirts. It’s heavily modified here, but it still has all the same hallmarks, not least those annoying, superfluous side strips.

The colour is suitably azzuri. The little Italian flags on the sleeves are nice. The collar is overly fussy and buttony, but at least it’s different.

Overall it just doesn’t feel very Italian.


Italy Away
Pin stripes is an interesting choice, it helps mask the template. They’ve even done something more interesting with those side strips.

Even though it’s quite a simple shirt it does come across as being cluttered and messy. The pinstripes could do with being knocked back a bit I think.

It’s basically yet another disappointment.


Well that’s us half way through the 2014 World Cup kits and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed so far. There aren’t many shirts standing out, and there certainly aren’t any from this group. There’s nothing awful … but I want more from a World Cup shirt.

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