World Cup Shirts 2014: Group E

posted on June 11th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

In footballing terms this might not exactly the group of death. Shirt wise it’s actually very interesting.



Switzerland Home
By now I should be able to cover up the logo and you will instantly tell me this is a Puma shirt. Again it’s pure template, with minor embellishments.

It’s another design that feels it necessary to chuck on another badge because the national emblem just isn’t enough. This seems doubly redundant when that national emblem is almost synonymous with good design.

So synonymous they felt the need to add it to the weave too. Emblems all over the place basically. In fact if you buy the ‘fans’ version you seemingly get the added bonus of a small Credit Suisse logo on the shoulder, just in case you needed more logos.

It’s very Puma. Some people may like that I suppose.


Switzerland Away
It is getting very repetitive this now isn’t it?

This does have a different weave that makes it look someone has ridden over you stomach on fat bike, but yeah, snooooze.



Ecuador Home
Marathon eh? Who is this plucky manufacturer? Well, seemingly, they are basically the Ecuadorian Sports Direct, but with less cluttered shops.

Are they any good at designing shirts? Well, I suppose that depends on your point of view. Essentially, no,they aren’t. You can’t honestly say that this shirt is really in the same class of the big names. Even Puma. It has a vague whiff of Home Bargains about it. Marathon seem to know how they think a top shirt should look, but somehow that look is a few years out of date, and the execution isn’t quite right.

Before you leave thinking I’m being unnecessarily mean, I have to say there is something quite endearing about that. There’s a bit too much going on, it all looks a bit clunky, it has the cut of a late 90s shirt … but it does have a bit of soul to it. Something that Adidas and Puma seem to have missing this year.

It’s one of the few shirts so far I would consider buying.

At the right price, I’m not mental.


Ecuador Away
Alas the plucky underdogs with spirit couldn’t be arsed to design a different away shirt either. They almost had me.



France Home
Nike have been doing France’s shirt for a while now. They had a tough act to follow after Adidas had provided decades worth of great designs. They didn’t flinch and virtually every single thing they have produced for the French has been elegant, stylish and basically brilliant.

I love this one too. It’s exactly how you pull off a minimal shirt. From the badge, to the collar, to the material … it’s just dead nice.

Even the fact that the collar reminds me of the two tone shirts that bankers favour isn’t enough to put me off.


France Away
A lot of money was invested in the deal to get France to move to Nike, something like 42 million Euros a year. Obviously that’s the level of investment you need from someone to provide you with a proper away kit.

And what a lovely shirt it is too. They had a similar über French shirt a few seasons ago, which I eventually managed to buy. This one is even nicer. Same great badge, brilliant subtle grey hoops, and excellently executed granddad collar. It oooozes class.

If only England could muster this sort of enthusiasm from Nike.



Honduras Home
Another different name on the maker list. This time it’s Joma, a Spanish manufacturer that have slowly working their way in to the football shirt monopoly.

I really like this shirt, even though it’s essentially very basic. It also commits the sin of having a ridiculous QR code on it.

It’s saved by one thing, and that is the massive H. That instantly puts it into iconic territory. Mark my words. In 25 years time this will be one of the shirts that is released as a retro classic. It’s easily copied, and not copyrighted and it’s memorable.

It’s amazing what a H can do. All Joma had to do was choose colours that aren’t awful and not cramp the H. Job done.


Honduras Away

Yeah, it’s another bloody boring away shirt. But the H still shines.


Just as I was losing all hope in the 2014 shirts group E comes along and restores my faith with an eclectic mix of polyester.

The sheer elegance and cool of the French shirts, the endearing amateurishness of Ecuador and a bloody big H. Lots of good shirts here.

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