World Cup Shirts 2014: Group F

posted on June 12th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

A proper World Cup group this. A real multicultural hot pot, featuring the most hard to find shirt images so far. Should be interesting design wise then?



Argentina Home
Argentina have a great blueprint for their shirt. It’s almost impossible to cock up those light blue and white stripes.

Even Adidas, with their track record in the tournament so far, can’t manage to mess them up. It still looks great.

That hasn’t stopped them trying to annoy me with unnecessary gradients and diagonal bits of visual fluff mind. That can all be forgiven with the great idea of maximising the impact of the three stripes by making them stark black, with a matching collar and cuffs.

It  harks back just the right amount to older shirts to work really well. Congratulations Adidas, you didn’t mess up here.


Argentina Away
You couldn’t really do a reverse of the Argentina shirt without royally taking the piss, so thankfully Adidas have done something different for the away shirt.

It’s not mind blowing. I’m not sure using blue as the change colour is that smart of a move, but I suppose it’s dark enough.

We’re back in Tennis territory for the first time in a while here too. And it looks like Brazils away shirt. It’s not going to be legendary this one.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia Home
Adidas again. This time supplying Bosnia with what, I’m assuming, is a fairly off the shelf Sunday League team choice special.

The Bosnian FA have an eblem that looks lit was sourced from Wikicommons. It’s fair to say that they didn’t sign a 43 million a year contract for this.

It’s a blue Adidas shirts with an iron on badge. It’s nobodies fault, it is what it is.


Bosnia Away
This is a white Adidas shirt with an iron on label.



Iran Home
Surprisingly nobody seems to sell the Iran shirts in their shops. So finding these images was quite tough.

This is basically one of Uhlsport’s Sunday Team shirts (I checked), but they have nicely pimped it up with some extra colours and a big assed jaguar in the weave.

I actually quite like it, in pretty much the same way I like Ecuador’s in Group E. It’s got an unpolished rawness to it that is quite appealing.


Iran Away
Another Sunday League shirt (I checked) with jaguar based modifications. This one isn’t so easy to like. This one is just a bit bad, and not bad enough so that it becomes good.

If you know what I mean.



Nigeria Home
Adidas again. And Adidas again supplying a shirt that looks like it’s strangely come from a decade ago.

They aren’t awful shirts, they’re just not very interesting. I don’t like the two tone green very much and … well there isn’t a lot more else to say.

Instantly forgettable.


Nigeria Away
Just like this one, which manages to look even more dated than the home shirt.


Oh Adidas you’re sucking the life out of this series for me, you really are.

It’s a good job that despite your efforts you didn’t manage to ruin the Argentina shirt. The fact I prefer Iran’s jaguar sporting, off-the-shelf-shonko-shirt to 90% of you World Cup output so far says everything.

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