World Cup Shirts 2014: Group G

posted on June 16th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

Very strong in lots of senses this one. Has lots of interest on the pitch and on the shirts.



Germany Home
The heady summer of 1990. Gazza, Schillaci, World In Motion, Pavarotti, and the West Germany shirt. Even though they were the enemy that shirt, above all others, is the one that I cherish most.

So no pressure the Adidas.

Fortunately the German company Adidas hasn’t taken the lazy approach for the German shirt. Funny that.

It travels a similar path to that 1990 classic. It’s madder 1994 successor too, for that matter. A classic white Adidas shirt, with black three stripes, and a mad flag thing happening on the chest. It’s a classic look.

The 2014 shirt works admirably. It certainly stands head and shoulders above most other Adidas shirt at the tournamnet. It’s bold and different.

Ultimately though it falls a little short. I’m not sure why they decided to not add the gold from the national flag in to that chest chevron. Or more of the black for that matter. It feels like they got a bit wary of going full on 90s. Which is a shame, it feels like a idea that has been pulled back from being really great.


Germany Away
Again something different for the away shirt, which is very welcome. I can’t quite work out of this is tennis, or even golf. Maybe just a casual polo. At the most a training top. It doesn’t really look like a football shirt.

That’s OK, it’s a decent looking thing, if that’s what you’re in to. It’s not really for me though.



Portugal Home
A 1980s tennis top, done in shiny modern fabric.

It’s very well executed, in the way that Nike have done on nearly of all of their shirts in the tournament. The badge and logo are nice, there’s a solid collar. It’s all very smart.

That doesn’t mean I have to actually like it though. Those pin stripey hoop things … I just can’t warm to them. I quite like the banding effect that transitions the two shades of red, but … yeah I just don’t like them.

It’s quite important on this shirt so, that’s that really.


Portugal Away
Well this looks familiar. Change the badge and pencil some hoops on it and you’ve basically got the French away shirt. Certainly not a bad thing, but it doesn’t quite ooze the class. It’s a white shirt. A quality white shirt, but still a white shirt.



Ghana Home
Here’s another plain white shirt, but one with added Puma AFRICA-CA-CA-CA.

You know what? I quite like it.

Yes it’s the Puma template. Yes it’s basically just a white shirt. Yes it has the slightly patronising Africa stylings.

But the Africaness is nicely restrained, and properly colourful, which works nicely against the black bits. The badge looks good. I like the fact fact they’ve whacked on 4 stars like they win the World Cup every other tournament.

Out of all the African shirts this is probably the best.


Ghana Away
For the Away shirt we’re back into more standard Puma fayre. I think they possibly assemble these shirts using some sort of online colouring tool. A bit like the ones you get on Cebeebies.

It’s fine. Boring. But fine.

United States


USA Home
Golf, polo, even bloody cricket … but most definitely tennis. Wimbledon level tennis.

I have already discussed my dislike of football shirts that aren’t footbally enough. This is among the least footbally shirts I’ve ever seen.

The thing that really tips it over the edge is the red edging to the collar, it barely looks like a sports top.


USA Away
In this group I’ve talked an awful lot about how I don’t like football shirts that don’t look like football shirts. Technically this doesn’t really look like a football shirt either. But in a really good, not a slightly crap polo shirt way.

I’m not going to lie, I love this one. I’ve seen that it’s an opinion splitter already … but those bold blocks of American Red White and Blue are just great.

It’s like a superhero costume. It shows what you can do with a fairly basic shirt. There’s no fancy collar,  mad flashes or unnessary strips. Just lovely, bold use of colour.

I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s one of my favourites.


Lot’s to talk about in this one. A good German shirt, loads of shirts that want to be in other sports, some major Africaness and a superhero costume.

I think it’s fair to say that Nike really seem to know what they’re doing at the moment, even the shirts I don’t like are still good shirts.

I do like that USA away shirt though.

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