World Cup Wallpapers

posted on May 22nd, 2006 by Anthony

Jake in his England Kit

I mentioned my side project a few weeks ago, but now we’re a bit further down the line I thought it was high time to plug it once more.

UKfpl World Cup Edition is a prediction game based upon some small football tournament that’s taking place in Germany in a few weeks time. Using your knowledge of football you simply predict the outcome of all the matches and our wondrous auto-magical calculating machine will score your guesses and sort you into a big league.

We are hopeful to have some sort of prize, nothing major but something very prestigious. (Though if there’s anyone out there willing to sponsor a prize we will gladly pimp out the site… 2070 registered users and counting).

You can also set up a league of your own so you can totally pwn all the guys in your office – which is what it’s all about at the end of the day.


UKfpl has long had a mascot.

He’s a cheeky little scamp called Jake.

He has string for hair, and a penchant for wearing football kits.

He also has very dodgy boots, which one day I will get around to drawing properly…

Anyway, I’ve produced a few wallpapers (all at 1280×1024) to both promote the site, and inform the user.

They also help brighten up any drab workspace, what with them being a lovely retina burning hue of ORANGE!

Just click on the image to download them.

All the Teams

All The Teams Wallpaper

This one showcases all 32 two team taking place in this years shindig in Germany. Nike have the best kits this year, Mexico’s is especially lovely, and I do like the Yanks old school flavored vertical stripes – very Escape to Victory.

Group Charts

I tried very hard to fit all of the groups and games onto one chart, but it wasn’t going to happen. So I plumped for doing it group by group.

Here they all are:

Groups A-C:

Group A Chart Group B Wallcharty thing Group C Wallcharty thing

Group A: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Poland

Group B: England, Paraguay, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago

Group C: Argentina, Holland, Ivory Coast, Serbia & Montenegro

Group D-F

Group D Wallcharty thing Group E Wallcharty thing Group F Wallcharty thing

Group D: Angola, Iran, Mexico, Portugal

Group E: Czech Republic, Ghana, Italy, USA

Group F: Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Japan

Group G-H

Group G Wallcharty thing Group H Wallcharty Thing

Group G: France, South Korea, Switzerland, Togo

Group H: Saudi Arabia, Spain, Tunisia, Ukraine

Enjoy, and then sign up!