World in Union?

posted on October 17th, 2005 by Anthony

I read the weekly gaming e-mag The Escapist. It’s generally a pretty good read, and is different in that it takes a very adult look at the games industry… admittedly this can also be one of it’s weak points.

Anyway this weeks issue focuses on the rise and rise of Electronic Arts – or EA as they like to be known these days. The various articles detail how they have gone from being a pioneering breath of fresh air to becoming a mega-corporation that attract the same sort of love that is generally only reserved for Microsoft.

The article that has got me writing this is titled “Code Union, Code Better“. It starts off by briefly recounting the now infamous “ea_spouse” incident. This was basically when the long suffering wife of an EA programmer complained about the sweatshop conditions her husband was having to endure on a daily basis.

See how busy he is!

The point of the story was to point out that programmers don’t have any sort of union, or even a recognized body/institute/group/club etc etc…

Whether you’re a coal miner or a high flying marketing executive there is generally, in the background, a group of people ready to back you up when the excrement speeds towards the spinning blades of doooom.

What do computer programmers have?

If you think of the number of people that are now employed in the programming industry it’s quite an interesting thought. Especially in these times of Indian outsourcing and the ever growing pressure to ship units to the public – yesterday!