Your Site As Plants

posted on September 6th, 2005 by Anthony

This thing is fascinating. I’m not sure how it works, but the results it provides are certainly very interesting.

escape crate as a plant

As you can see this here site produces a not very impressive, dark seething mass of vegetation. Certainly not very pretty, but then the site isn’t really designed with pretty in mind…

So how about a site which certainly is very pretty

Joshua ink, as leaves... well different leaves

Surprisingly it’s a very similar sort of result, very dark (as Mr Oxton would probably appreciate at the moment ;O), and with a very large straight column in middle (which again he would probably appreciate…). It’s surprising that with the already abundant flora that his plant wasn’t more colourful…

Who else…

Collys abstract plant

Now this is an interesting specimen. The fact that Colly’s site is in a state of flux seems to have seen this plant grow next to Sellafield! Check out the levitating leaves! There is also a green shoot of recovery in the centre. How deep!

Let’s change tack a little…

the beebs plant

Now this fine specimen belongs to the BBC. It’s abundant flowers and stature befits one of the most respected information and news resources in the world.

UKfpl in plant form

This specimen is produced by my football predicting side project (the design is shocking bad, and has been butchered by my codey partner in crime… sorry Richy ;o). You will notice that it does have a very crooked lean, but the size is impressive! Also it is one of the more colourful examples on show.

All in all a very interesting way of interpreting a bunch of angle brackets. Certainly more interesting than the W3C validators anyway, and probably a more perceptive result too!