I did have a few of these Week Notes in hand ... but they're stuck in a dev site that I can't be bothered to fish from ... and well starting from fresh seems an OK decision from this point.

  • Lockdown is still very much a thing. As I write this my computer keeps telling me I haven't backed it up for 50 days. Which means I haven't been in to the office for ... 50 days. That's not all The Virus related ... but it is most of it.
  • Easter wasn't too bad. The bunny still managed to make a delivery, what with being a key worker and all. Though we left a note not to put the eggs outside this year because of fox poo.
  • We've been walking on the golf course at the end of road for our daily exercise. It's been steadily getting busier. There were actually three grown, middle aged men that had turned up with their own little flag for a chipping contest on the 11th green. Not really in the spirit of things.
  • Staying at home has it's ups and downs. Mostly it's a little bubble to warmly retreat in to. With lots of fresh made bread these days. And constant calls of "I'm hungry" from bored kids.
  • We've managed to finally get flour from Claremont farm, so it's all systems got with the sourdough making from Mrs C.