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December 2020

  • Another next chapter

    After almost *exactly* eight years I'm leaving the lovely interconnect/it for new pastures. It's all been a bit surreal.

April 2020

August 2019

November 2017

  • Sorting out CSS

    Code, by its very nature, is prescriptive. There is a syntax and a structure and every language has it's own quirks and rules. So it’s somewhat strange that writing it, is actually very personal.

February 2017

May 2013

September 2012

  • Skeuomorphs. They're not for you.

    The vocal inhabitants of the internet have spoken. Skeumorphs suck. Apparently they are stupid, lazy design. Well I have news, they aren’t really aimed at you.

August 2012

  • The Joy of Tea

    I’ve always enjoyed tea. I am, after all, British ... but it turns out I've been doing it wrong all my life.

February 2012

  • Role Semantics

    What's in a job title? What do they mean for the ever expanding web industry? Why are they still important?

  • The Mind Jacuzzi

    When all is said and done the web is just one big mind jacuzzi. With people in budgie smugglers.

  • My Path

    The short version of how I ended up 'doing something with computers' for a living.

May 2011

  • Alopecia and me

    Patches in my beard, that turned white. Then the hairdresser told me I had alopecia.

February 2011

  • Permanency

    So what will be left of my life's work. Not a lot, truth be told.

January 2011

  • All Grown Up

    All told ... a bit of a watershed moment for me and the web industry as a whole.

January 2009

  • Sleevefaced

    I got published in actual book. OK it's a picture of my elbows ... but still.