The personal musings of Anthony Casey; designer of web things.

Arseholes are like opinions. And I'm all out of arseholes.

I had Ulcerative Colitis for all of my adult life. Now I haven't got a large colon and it's amazing.

Sorting out CSS

Code, by its very nature, is prescriptive. There is a syntax and a structure and every language has it's own quirks and rules. So it’s somewhat strange that writing it, is actually very personal.

A Pin Prick on the Timeline of Humanity

We had this web lark licked didn’t we? We built millions and millions of pages. We knew it all. Then everything went and changed.

Skeuomorphs. They're not for you.

The vocal inhabitants of the internet have spoken. Skeumorphs suck. Apparently they are stupid, lazy design. Well I have news, they aren’t really aimed at you.

The Joy of Tea

I’ve always enjoyed tea. I am, after all, British ... but it turns out I've been doing it wron all my life.

Role Semantics

What's in a job title? What do they mean for the ever expanding web industry? Why are they still important?

The Mind Jacuzzi

When all is said and done the web is just one big mind jacuzzi. With people in budgie smugglers.

My Path

The short version of how I ended up 'doing something with computers' for a living.