I really need to nail down a more permanent workspace. It will either have to be in the dining room or our bedroom. It feels the better option is to have a clear separation between sleeping and work.

  • I'm still trying to buy golf clubs on Ebay. There's a particular bright yellow putter that I want. None have come in months ... like bananas three popped last week. I missed on all of them.
  • I did take the 7 iron out the other night ... and I hit it better than I ever have. Hitting greens from 140 yards. I've never been able to do that.
  • My daughter got log in details for the Google Classroom stuff at her new secondary school. They'd put together a nice little video introducing all the Year 7 staff, it was quite sweet really. She was made up.
  • She's also getting measured for all of the uniform and ridiculously professional PE kit (Full Kukri). We should have been excitedly going to the school to try it all on in the assembly hall on with loads of giddy 11 year olds ... but you know, the Virus.
  • I've just ordered another 34Kg of flour. Which is ridiculous. We're getting 16Kg of Canadian stuff which is supposed to be great for the sourdough. We're getting some T55 French Baguette flour ... and a few bags of 00 for doing pizza doughs.
  • They body font on this site is Open Sans. Did I always have it set in Open Sans? All of a sudden it looks completely wrong and I'm not sure why. Like if you look at a word long enough and the spelling suddenly seems alien. Early drafts of my designs are definitely set in a serif. But I wanted more contrast ... but Open Sans? Did I choose that, or did I just default to it when I was was focussed on the build.
  • I've had a tweak and swapped in Work Sans, one of the variable fonts on Google. It has a bit more personality, and has that rounder look that feels more contemporary. I think I'll have a dive into the variable aspect at some point too. I've put in some responsive-ness to the typography ... but there is always room for some more.
  • I'm not entirely sure about the angle of the italics ... but that's something I can tweak isn't it? [insert hmmmm emoji here]
  • Father's Day was nice. I got some chocolate (Coconut Toblerone is a revelation), I got some beer, I got a very nice cookbook. We went for a nice walk in the nearby countryside. Then I got to watch an even more lacklustre than usual Goodison Derby.