I'm not sure when I skipped a day. I spent Saturday thinking it was Sunday ... and it's kind of carried on.

  • Hopefully my new irons should arrive today. Exciting. After months of bad luck on the Bay I also put in a cheeky last minute bid on a rusty 54 degree Cleveland wedge and got a really good price.
  • It's supposed to be rusty ... but you can clean them too. I'm tempted to clean it by dunking it in Coke as a bit of a project. It will rust again ... but it will be my rust.
  • I've only chipped in the back garden with it - I love it. I was worried because it's a proper club. A proper bladed wedge like even the pros use. And it still worked like my super old, super starter Wilson ... but felt much nicer.
  • I still want to clean it up a bit.
  • It was another quiet week, really. Our eldest picked up her second lot of uniform. This time properly fitting. She's looking far too grown up. She's ready for secondary school. I'm not sure I am.
  • She should have been on her weeks residential in the Lake District with her school. It's all a bit sad. The school have finally arranged something for the last day for year 6. An hour and a half in the field. It's better than nothing.
  • Mrs C extended her baking repertoire by deciding to make some bagels. They were easily the best bagels I've ever tasted.
  • For Father's day I was given the Mowgli cook book. Mowgli is a small restaurant chain that dished out amazing Indian street food. It started in Liverpool and is slowly expanding. Nisha, the founder, pops up on telly every so often - she's great. I made a Spinach Dahl which, even though I over salted it, was really good.
  • We also made a sticky treacle salmon thing that was also excellent. It's already a book that's shaping up up to have a good few go-to recipes in.