Another week starts. Daughter's last official week in primary school. There will be tears on Friday.

  • I forgot to mention last week about beer. I picked up some from the local place I've been using during lockdown. They've stopped deliveries in favour of Click and Collect. That's fine. The bar is open now ... when it went it was full, condensation already on the windows, not a mask in sight. It's a no from me, Clive.
  • The beers are good though. I bought a particularly nice one from Fierce that was brewed with actual pancakes and actual maple syrup. That's normal(ish) for stouts, but this was a pale. It had the potential to be disgusting, but it was a tasty experience all round. One of the most interesting beers I've had in ages. The maple syrup gave it a whisky barrel vibe.
  • I started doodling in Sharpie on my beer glasses because ... Instagram
  • Daughter had her last day at school. Emotional, but not as bad as we perhaps thought. The school let them meet up ... but to be honest it was all a bit half arsed. They have been busy. We had to contrive a meeting with her ace teacher. She has been amazing and it was good for our daughter to say goodbye. She left her some books to read over the summer. (Books she's asked her family and friends to fundraise for because ... Tories)
  • Anyway.
  • My wife met with the other Mums for an after school party. I would normally have celebrated by watching one of my growing list of Super Hero/Sci Fi films to watch ... but the telly is still smashed. I watched the first episode of Warrior Nun on Netflix instead. It was interesting.
  • I took the next week off work. Normally I write this weeks notes up on the Monday of the next week. Which is why this is both late, and sparse.