Let's face it ... this whole pandemic thing is limiting interesting things to write about. At least stuff I haven't already written about.

  • Especially now were back to a school driven routine, everything has a much more rigid structure ... which is sort of welcome, but also a reminder of daily grinds of past.
  • Our daughter is settling in very well to her secondary school. It's a Grammar, and there hasn't been any easing in. Straight in with proper work and homework. She was absolutely knackered, but it genuinely seems to suit her.
  • The amount of homework sh has to submit via Google Classrooms has surprised me. We'll have to buy a proper laptop at some point.
  • We've done a few more local walks, including a really nice one near Ruthin. The wooded section was lovely and atmospheric. It's on the other side of the Clywiddian Range (Moel Fammau, etc) of hills that are the backdrop to a lot of Merseyside views. It's kind of like the dark side of the moon in that respect. It deserves a bit more exploration.
  • We've been looking at going away somewhere at half term, but everywhere is booked and it's looking increasingly likely that there will be another lockdown of some sort then anyway.
  • That's a shame as it it would be nice for a literal change of scenery.
  • Nights are drawing in, golfing is going to get much more difficult. I've only managed a couple of quick hacks. One of which saw my driving return back to slicey bobbins after weeks of being pretty good ... but equally my iron striking getting better. Golf is hard.
  • I think I mentioned our son wanting a guitar for his birthday. After asking a few people we settled on a pretty cool electric one, it's blue, it's got an amp. He's chuffed. I'm feeling like I should buy one.