Well that is annoying. I expected to find half a weeks notes here ... but they aren't anywhere to be seen.

  • It's probably for the best. A lot was a Cumming fuelled rant around the state of this Government. I don't think I'm the only one, so you can add your own to fill in the blanks.
  • It was a very short week. With a bank holiday and I took a day off on the Friday. Three day weeks. It's the future.
  • It was baking hot. We ordered a swimming paddling pool for the 'kids'. And a nifty electric pump. Argos was great with their same day delivery. Though they did also lose all my Nectar points. (Which we got back).
  • It was a bit of a weird week really. The constant background of the government being dicks. The USA going even more mental.
  • I'm struggling to think of anything interesting. The sourdough starter is really loving the warmer weather, and Mrs C knocked out some really great loaves.
  • The seller of the golf clubs I bid on pulled the item after 2 days. The absolute worst. I've got my on another couple. But nothing great at the moment.
  • I'll leave that here for now. I'll see if I can rescue the rant I had ... but the government are a bunch of dicks.
  • I was in a real grump on Sunday. Not intentionally, just like a big troll sat on my shoulders. He's gone now, but it was weird.