I have been trying to think when was the last time I left the Wirral Peninsula. I think it was when I helped out on our Daughter's school trip on the 11th March. When we saw lots of Atletico fans wandering about at the Pier Head. Nearly three months.

  • In other (and I am sure totally unconnected) news, Liverpool and Wirral are one of the worst hit spots for Virus cases. The local 'R' number is apparently above that 1 they all bang on about. But let's open everything up, eh?
  • Even by Lockdown standards this has been a fairly low key week. I've been fiddling around with new desk setups. I need to have something more permanent. My social media is full of adverts for lovely desks, with prices to match. I have a firmly IKEA budget in mind.
  • I've also been looking at family laptops. We're at critical mass with everyone needing access at the same time at some points. I'm lost with the current state of Windows machines. I'm not sure if a Chromebook is the way to go. The choice, as with all these things, is crippling. Should I just go for the good enough £200 ones ... or spend a bit more ... then a bit more ... but a bit more would get me that ... hold on this is stupid, I only need a £200 one ... but that doesn't get me that. Etc, etc, etc ...
  • After a few days of looking I'm still not really any wiser. The best one which seems a decent balance between quality and overkill is the Asus C434. It has one of those 360 degree hinges and has a touch screen. It's got a decent M3 processor and great build quality. But it's £499. Which seems daft for a Chromebook. There is the C433 which is essentially the same ... but the keyboard half of it seems to have been constructed out of cheese (I'm not kidding) - that saves you £100.
  • We social bubbled at the weekend. Mrs C's Dad passed away just as this business all kicked off. Her Mum joined our bubble. They had their first hug. There were tears.
  • Then we had pizza. I got the proper Ooni over out for the first time this year. The weather was lovely. Even outside beers. It was a good day.
  • I did some more pressure washing. The garden is really starting to come together and feel like ours.