Another funny old week in the times of The Virus. It's been another slow one, but some stuff has happened.

  • We've finished watching Series 1 and 2 of The Bridge. People have been telling me for ages that it's really. It's really good. Like proper good. Looking forward to Series 3 starting this week. Don't be put off by the subtitles. You will tack me later.
  • We've also been watching (it's one of those weeks) 'Why Women Kill' on alibi. It's written by Marc Cherry who did Desperate Housewives. (People forget that Desperate Housewives was really good. Until it went absolutely mental.). Anyway it's the same sort of style, but tracks three simultaneous stories over three time periods. It's really well done over the top fun. And Lucy Liu is ace as ever.
  • I spent a bit of time fiddling around with this site. Tying some loose ends from the build. I'm still getting my head around Craft ... but I've added a dark theme and improved the performance and accessibility. (100's across the board on Lighthouse).
  • I'm still not convinced on automatic dark themes by using 'prefers-color-scheme' ... but it's straight forward to implement and the dark blue works quite nicely with the site's fanzine-y aesthetic. I might do some sort of toggle in the future.
  • Autumn has really set in. The cloud taps are set on full, so no golf this week. We did manage a walk in Delamere though. It does make a difference to your body and soul when you soak up some forest vibes.
  • I've just ordered another 30 odd Kilograms of flour. We've not bought more than a couple of bits of shop bread in 6 months.
  • I'm not going to mention football.