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But I know what I like

posted on March 12th, 2018 by Anthony Casey

By the time I publish this, I will have probably passed the 500 unique beer mark on my little #alelog. In some respects that is a huge amount of beer. In others, it is barely a drop in the overflowing beer lake.

So far it’s been a very solitary pursuit. It has quietly turned into a little side project, an enjoyable hobby. I’ve been sipping away at beers and letting myself wander wherever it has taken me. I’ve developed my own thoughts on things, on what I like … all for me.

More recently I have been taking much more interest in the wider craft beer community. I’ve cast my net out further to bring in bigger beers, I’ve started interacting with other people doing the same things as me. It’s been great, the beer I’m drinking now is on a completely different level to when I started. It’s kind of nice to feel a little bit more connected to something.

One thing that venturing out has confirmed to me, and it’s something that I’ve suspected for a while, is that I actually know very little about beer.

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