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World Cup Shirts 2014: Group G

posted on June 16th, 2014 by Anthony Casey

Very strong in lots of senses this one. Has lots of interest on the pitch and on the shirts.



Germany Home
The heady summer of 1990. Gazza, Schillaci, World In Motion, Pavarotti, and the West Germany shirt. Even though they were the enemy that shirt, above all others, is the one that I cherish most.

So no pressure the Adidas.

Fortunately the German company Adidas hasn’t taken the lazy approach for the German shirt. Funny that.

It travels a similar path to that 1990 classic. It’s madder 1994 successor too, for that matter. A classic white Adidas shirt, with black three stripes, and a mad flag thing happening on the chest. It’s a classic look.

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